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28 February 2007

Zomg! Super Crazy Bov For Na Cars! FAKE BLOW OFF VALVES



Once the accelerator is stepped off, the NA Blow Off Valve will generate a sound like a turbocharged vehicle's blow off valve. The sound from the NA Blow Off Valve can be adjusted to be the same as a turbo blow off valve. The NA Blow Off Valve sounds like a real blow off valve in turbo applications. You will not be able to tell the difference on the sound generated between the NA Blow Off Valve & the turbo blow off valve. The sound generated is conspicuous, and will not make one have a second look to ensure if it is genuine.

1. 2 types of timbre are available for selection.
2. Built-in amplifier ensures adequate 10W increases.
3. 3 wiring points ensure simple installation
4. For most Japanese car models. However, flap system and Kalman system might have air flow issues.
5. NA Blow Off Sound Genarator, Sound Speaker and Installation & Instruction manuals are included tis kit.



Optional Parts
High Power 20W Amplifier Amplifier with higher output can be requested. Volume adjustment can be incorporated into the amplifier
Pressure sensor For installation on vehicles with the flap type air flow and Kalman type air flow, etc. (applicable to diesel & taxi vehicles).
FAQ corner

Q: Can the timbre sound be changed?
A: The timbre sound can be changed by reprogramming the ROM data before shipped to the customer or in an exchange exercise. For example, if the timbre sound is not satisfactorily after purchase, the unit can be send back to be reprogrammed to the timbre data that you have or you prefer. Please note that inorder to change the timbre, it costs an additional 5000 Yen before shipping out the product.

Q: How easy is the wiring installation of the product?
A: The product has 3 wires. One from the 12V power source, another 1 wire from the ground, and 1 wire to the pressure sensor, depending on whether it is an air flow or voltage sensor. Connection diagram for various car models are included to ensure a simple installation

Q: At what stage when the accelerator is lifted off thatthe sound would be generated?
A: On a genuine turbo blow off valve, sound generation occurs when the accelerator is suddenly lifted off. For example, rapid gear shifting during hard acceleration. Also, when driving on a track or circuit, the accelerator is being stepped on & off many times which tends to generates more sound compared to driving in the city at half throttle where no sound would be generated. The NA Blow Off Valve can be adjusted to each driver's driving style on when the sound would be generated

Q: Can the sound volume generated from the loudspeaker be adjusted? Is there a volume control attached? When the sound generated is not loud enough, can the volume be increased?
A: Volume adjustment is not possible from the small sized amplifier. However, it is possible to increase the volume by changing the small amplifiier to a bigger amplifier for a separate cost of 10800 Yen.

Q: Where is the best place to install the loudspeaker?
A:The loudspeaker is best placed in a position where it is away from heat, mud, water & etc. It has been proven that high heat environment in the engine compartment would deteriorate the part's performance. During loudspeaker installation, the bugle side should face downwards facing the road surface. This method of bugle installation will ensure a very good sound echo. If the bugle is installed near the front grille, or parallel to the road surface, the sound generated will diminished by the incoming wind, and the volume would not be loud.

Q: How is the sound compared to a real blow off valve? To what extent does the sound from the NA Blow Off Valve when compared to the real blow off valve?
A:On a real blow off valve, the sound generated from air exiting very quickly. The NA Blow Off Valve is able to imitate very closely by generating a similar sound. On the real blow off, the sound is generated when boost pressure varies with the accelerator changes. Thus, the sound changes depending on the valve opening. As for the NA Blow Off Valve, the sound is generated from a loudspeaker by playing with the frequency of the sound. The sound is acheived differently. It is very difficult to distinguish between a real one & the NA Blow Off Valve. It is very close to the real blow off valve.

Q: Is it applicable to AT step wagons?
A:The NA Blow Off Valve is applicable to both AT & MT step wagons depending on the engine's ECU. It cannot be installed on caburetor-equipped cars. In addition, it cannot use flap type air flow and the Kalman type air flow pressure sensor . Please inquire for further details.

Q: After purchasing and tested the unit, and if not satisfied with the sound, can the product be returned for a refund?
A: The unit can be possibly returned if it is proven to be damaged during shipping, or the product does not function totally upon correct installation. Please confirm the sound during demo before purchase.

Q: Is there a warranty?
A: a basic 3-month warranty is included. There is no warranty as a result of wrong installation. When the product is sent in for repairs within the warranty period, the serial code, the warranty card, & the proof of purchase must be made available.

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