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26 February 2007

Honda Racing F1 Team RA107

The Honda Racing F1 Team in 2007 is going into its second season under full Honda Motor Company ownership which aims to build on the successes of the end of 2006.
Continuing the nomenclature of Honda’s previous F1 cars which have done quite well, the 2007 chassis adopts the name RA107 and is the first car to be built by the team since its new, full-scale wind tunnel became operational. The famous RA designation dates right back to the dawn of Honda’s bid for grand prix glory during the early 1960s. The company’s original F1 prototype that began testing in December 1963 was type-number RA270 and it was fitted with an experimental RA270E 60-degree, 1.5-litre V12 engine. By the time Honda made its race debut at the fearsome Nürburgring in August 1964, the early prototype had been superseded by the RA271. Honda’s first grand prix win came with RA272 at Mexico at the end of the following season.

The new V8 powerplant, the RA807E, also takes on the evocative RA prefix, which continued through 1983-1992 during Honda’s second generation of F1 participation.

Driven by the same challenging spirit that took Honda into F1 for the first time in 1964, and buoyed by its first win as constructor since 1967 at the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, the 2007 team is firmly focused on moving closer to realising its dream of claiming the Constructors’ and Drivers’ World Championship crowns.

Also The official livery for the RA107 is of planet earth and no sponsorship. Looks like Honda cares about the environment... by racing cars!! lol

Interesting if not unusual ...

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