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27 February 2007

SOHC Non-VTEC Drag Car

For any of us that follow sport compact drag racing, the name Bisi should be familiar to everyone. For those aren’t so aware, let us take a moment to enlighten everyone. You see, in the world of All Motor Hondas, DOHC VTEC motors pretty much dominate. Usher in the new age of K-series swaps and it’s inevitable that 9 out of 10 All Motor Hondas are running a DOHC VTEC (or i-VTEC) powerplant. Racing since 1993, Bisi Ezerioha, the brains behind Bisimoto Engineering, wanted to prove that the SOHC Honda powerplants were just as formidable on the track. On top of that, Bisi pressed on that non-VTEC SOHC motors could be a force to be reckoned with. Surprised? Well let’s see what Bisi and his team has established in the past.

In 2003, the Team 400m CRX served as a test bed for a majority of Bisimoto’s products. Utilizing a naturally aspirated SOHC Honda engine, this CRX claimed many records as well as the 2003 IDRC All Motor Class Championship. In 2004, the CRX surprised even more enthusiasts when it dipped in the low 10s and ultimately running a 9.81 second pass. It was a fan favorite for everyone out there, and seeing it perform on the track was a great sight.

In 2005 however, Bisimoto and Team 400m announced a new chassis. “Stitch” as it was named, Bisimoto intended to rewrite the record books with a Unibody utilizing improved science and rigorous analysis rather than going with what everyone else had done previously. It has currently run a record time of 9.67 at a sanctioned event and has gone 145.28mph, all on gasoline. Bisi also told us that for 2007 they plan on experimenting with cam designs, experimental headwork, ethanol, an air ram box and more Toyo slick compounds to further improve those times.

Their 2006 Honda Insight chassis has been extremely successful already. Having witnessed it in action at the 2006 NHRA Sport Compact Finals in Pomona, I must honestly admit that this Insight is a fresh breathe of air in the All Motor world. The best thing that Bisi’s Insight stands for however is that not everyone should do what everyone else is doing. Sometimes it pays off to think outside the box and try something new. Their Insight is living proof that anything can be achieved with a million ideas, not a million bucks. Bisimoto currently holds et and mph records in two of the four major sport compact sanctioning bodies and are going to be launching an array of new products. Make sure to check out their new apparel line at their website: www.bisimoto.com

F22A or F18A Non-VTEC engine built and tuned by Bisimoto Engineering, headwork by Portflow.com, Evolution Industries Heat Shielding intake gasket, Bisimoto Spec Web Camshafts, Bisimoto Spec Arias 17:1 compression pistons, KibbleWhite black diamond stainless steel valves, Bisimoto valve springs and titanium retainers, Webcam custom rocker assembly, Bisimoto exhaust rocker spacers, Bisimoto “no-slip” cam gear, Redline Weber 55mm dco/sp carburetors with 48mm venturis, Bisimoto custom intake manifold, MSD programmable digital 7, Howard Aluminum Rods, Darton MID sleeves in Golden Eagle 90mm machined block, Golden Eagle modified factory head gasket, Lopez crankshafts knife-edging and offset grinding, Bisimoto H/F2D adapter plate system, Rockett Brand 118 race fuel, Bisimoto custom header with Burns dyno-sys merge collector, Torco SR-5 5w-30 engine oil, MTF-L trans fluid, Houseman Autosport synchro to dog engagement conversion transmission with factory Honda 1-4 gears, houseman 5.0:1 final drive, Action 3 puck clutch with dual diaphragm pressure plate, NGK Iridium racing spark plugs, Bonaco AN fittings and lines, Barnes dry sump pump, Moroso dry sump pan, Evolution Industries 500hp axles, Innovate Motorsports datalogging system: LM-1, DL-32, XD-1

Progress Group full drag suspension

Wheels / Tires:
Spinwerkes Aluminum Racing wheels (15x8 front, 17x2.5 rear), Toyo Tires DRR1 drag slicks 28x9x15-inch

FastBrakes drag braking system with single piston Wilwood calipers

Autometer C2 gauges

World's Fastest -
Fastest All-motor SOHC
Fastest full Unibodied FWD
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