Exclusive Automotive - Automotive/ Super Car Pictures and Videos: February 2009

21 February 2009


08.30-10.00 Basement Jaxx Live
06.30-08.00 Paul Oakenfold
05.30-06.30 N*E*R*D Live
03.30-05.30 Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso
02.45-03.30 Goodwill
02.00-02.45 Hook N Sling

09.00-10.00 Etienne De Crecy
07.00-09.00 Richie Hawtin
05.00-07.00 Sander Kleinenberg
03.30-05.00 Stephan Bodzin Live
02.45-03.30 Bang Gang DJ's
02.00-02.45 Beni

07.00-10.00 Markus Schulz
05.00-07.00 Christopher Lawrence
03.00-05.00 Super8 and Tab
02.00-03.00 Pee Wee Ferris

08.30-10.00 Joachim Garraud
07.30-08.30 CSS Live
06.00-07.30 Mr Ozio
04.30-06.00 Grandmaster Flash
03.30-04.30 The Herd Live
02.45-03.30 Anna Lunoe
02.00-02.45 James Taylor

09.00-10.00 Yacht Live
07.30-09.00 Tocadisco
06.00-07.30 The Ian Carey Project
05.00-06.00 Lifelike
03.30-05.00 Wolfgang Gartner
02.45-03.30 Ajax
02.00-02.45 Mik Tha Menace

09.00-10.00 Shamus
08.00-09.00 John Glover
07.00-08.00 Jeff Drake
06.00-07.00 Mark Murphy
05.00-06.00 Ben Morris
04.00-05.00 Steve Lind
03.00-04.00 Tenzin

09.00-10.00 Nik Fish
08.00-09.00 Sasha Vatoff
07.00-08.00 Abel
06.00-07.00 Q45
05.00-06.00 Robin Knight
03.00-05.00 Dave Kirkpatrick

Area 21
09.00-10.00 Club Junque
08.00-09.00 Emerson Todd
07.00-08.00 Super8 & Tab
06.00-07.00 Wolfgang Gartner
05.00-06.00 Brenden Fing
04.00-05.00 Matt Nukewood
03.00-04.00 Fowl Play
02.00-03.00 SMIRNOFF DJ

09.00-10.00 Jimmy 2 Sox
08.00-09.00 Graz
07.00-08.00 Monster Boogie
06.00-07.00 Will and Mac
05.00-06.00 Sly Dog
04.00-05.00 Cassette
02.00-04.00 Peter Glass

19 February 2009

mugen NSX RR information and pictures

mugen NSX RR information and pictures

Unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Mugen NSX RR is a wild concept version of the legendary NSX which ended production in 2005. Featuring a combination of lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium body panels for its wide bodykit which has elongated and widened the car to 177.95 and 5.5 inches respectively, the famous 3.0-litre V6 engine has also been replaced with a rather tasty supercharged 2.4-litre V6.

Mated to a revised six-speed manual gearbox, Mugen has been mum about the official power output but rumour has it that the NSX RR is pushing some 284 kW. Sadly, the Mugen NSX RR is just officially an one-off show car, but who knows, maybe Honda.Mugen will consider acquiring some low mileage NSXs and converting them to 'RR' spec, just like what Nissan did with the NISMO R34 GT-R Z-Tune.

source- zcars.com

11 February 2009

Good Vibrations Music Festival 2009 SET times

Good Vibrations Music Festival 2009 SET times

photos and more

03 February 2009

Chris Bangle quits BMW

Chris Bangle, the head of design for the BMW Group since 1992 and one of the most controversial and well-known designers in the auto industry, resigned his post on Monday, according to the company.

His exit, say people familiar with the company, was not forced. Rather, said the same executives, the designer had been laying groundwork for an exit for many months.

Bangle achieved infamy as well as fame in 2001 when he introduced the BMW 7 Series at the Frankfurt Motor Show to catcalls over a high squared off trunk lid that came to be known as the “Bangle butt,” as well as a new console mounted computer-mouse-like knob that was designed to control most of the electronic functions of the car, called iDrive.

01 February 2009

Galleria Ferrari Europe

Galleria Ferrari Europe