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18 April 2007

New Hardcore Civic Type R - R

New Hardcore Civic Type R - R

Few cars have been as eagerly anticipated or made as big an impact as Honda's Civic Type R. The British-built sensation saw off all-comers in a first test against key rivals in Issue 946, and established itself as Auto Express's favourite hot hatch in the process.

Now there's worse news for the opposition. The Japanese firm has created the Type R-R, an even more focused version of the class winner, and a spiritual successor to Ford's Escort Cosworth - and it looks set to kick the Focus ST into touch! We were first to put it to the test.

Its basis is a standard Type R, but a series of modifications swell engine power and reduce kerbweight.

Honda has stripped out the cabin, removing anything that isn't absolutely necessary in the name of shedding the pounds. Gone is the stereo, and for the moment sound deadening is absent, too. The standard seats have now been replaced with figure-hugging racing items, and what these lack in adjustability they make up for by giving a sportier, lower driving position than in the regular car. The racy feeling from behind the wheel is suitably amplified when you press the dash-mounted starter.

As the engine bursts into life, it sounds far more raucous than that of the standard model. Bosses were adamant the original Type R didn't need buckets of power, yet engineers clearly couldn't help themselves when it came to specifying the R-R's motor.

Thanks to careful tuning, this car kicks out a tyre-burning 260bhp. It's the same basic i-VTEC 2.0-litre unit, but Honda has reduced friction on the internals and redesigned the camshafts. However, the greatest power gains have come from electronic improvements made using the ECU to operate the VTEC system.

Now, the engine doesn't go into fuel-sipping mode at lower revs, improving throttle response as a result. Meanwhile, the VTEC set-up cuts in at 5,100rpm instead of 5,400rpm. So rather than the perceptible increase in power you get when VTEC is unleashed on the standard model, the R-R's engine feels stronger throughout the rev range thanks to a 30 per cent hike in torque. Combining a compliant ride with taut handling is one of the standard hot Civic's greatest attributes. And although this car's suspension has been revised to give it more focused handling, it still rides bumps surprisingly well.

Probably the biggest change is to the steering. It has been made even more responsive, so the smallest input to the Alcantara-clad wheel has an immediate impact on the vehicle's position on the road. However, you do have to put your faith in the system because it's lacking in feedback, particularly at low speeds. Still, the car's handling remains nimble and sure-footed.

Another area that doesn't fall short on the standard model is the gear-change. Yet while the original is a manual, this car gets a six-speed sequential unit. You use the clutch to start off, and then simply pull the lever back to shift up and push it forwards to go down through the box.

Changes are made in only 80 milliseconds, which gives a brutal edge to the Type R-R, particularly as the steering wheel writhes with every upshift. Considering how much extra power is going through the front wheels, traction is remarkable. You'd expect to spend a lot of time sitting in a cloud of expensive tyre smoke, but engineers have been careful to tune the suspension so that does not happen. Instead, the car gets on with the job of entertaining its driver with even more purpose than the standard car.

Our drive has left us in no doubt that Honda's Civic is the undisputed hot hatch champion. With more power, it just gets better!

14 April 2007

crazy truck accident

look how closehe was to instant death

Buggy with BMW power m6 engine cost over 300 thousand to build wow

THE two-time international engine of the year will be at the heart of a quest to win the Finke Desert Race this year.

Start Me Up Racing has chosen a BMW M6 V10 5-litre engine to shoehorn into their off-road buggy to tackle the tough Alice Springs race in June.

Driver Matt Hanson, 34, of Melbourne said the choice was easy as he drives an M6.

"The most attractive thing is the torque," said Hanson who won the national 1600cc off-road class last year.

"You need lots of torque for off-road racing."

The M6 engine produces 395kW of power and 542Nm of torque, with 406Nm at just 1500rpm.

In testing, they have recorded 220km/h on sand with the wheels still spinning and more power in reserve.

Hanson said they bought the engine from California and kept it fairly standard, except for the addition of a Motec engine management system, sports exhaust system and six-speed Albins gearbox.

Even the M6 rev limit of 8250rpm has been retained.

The buggy cost $300,000 to build with the engine costing up to $80,000.

The team of Hanson and co-driver Luke Gladman hope to win the national Pro Class Buggy category for two-wheel-drive vehicles with up to six litres capacity.

Their biggest threat is three-time champion Shannon and Ian Rentsch in a Chenowth powered by a two-litre Nissan SR20 turbo.

Hanson also plans to take the buggy to the US to compete in the off-road series which includes the famous Baja 1000 race down the Californian peninsula into Mexico.

However, they have ruled out an attempt at the Dakar Rally as too expensive.

10 April 2007

Top gear what happens if you drive behind a 747

Top gear what happens if you drive behind a 747

Following on from the 747 video posted earlier, what would happen if you drove a car behind a 747? BBC's Top Gear did an experiment to find out..

Showanddrift.com Project RX8

Showanddrift.com Project RX8
one crazy rx8

05 April 2007

Spot the Speed Camera Game UK style

this is a great game on how uk police position speed cameras. wow is all I ahve to say.

Spot the Speed Camera Game UK style click here to play now

04 April 2007

2009 Jaguar XF Spy Shots and information

Jaguar is preparing a replacement for the S-Type, which will be named the XF and is scheduled for launch this fall.

Code-named X250, the new XF is aimed in particular at buyers of the very successful BMW 5-Series. To that end, Jaguar has developed a more modern and futuristic car and has abandoned the old-fashioned styling of the S-Type. Jaguar introduced such a concept car at the Detroit auto show, wearing the C-XF name.

These photos show a prototype of the production XF caught in Great Britain during testing. The car is still disguised at its front and rear ends but our computer image suggests how it is expected to look upon its release.

The XF gets power from a range of six- and eight-cylinder engines, including the new 3.2-liter in-line six found in the Volvo S80. The 4.2-liter V-8 in the S-Type is expected to be bored out to 5.0 liters.

sourced: thecarconnection.com

02 April 2007

01 April 2007

Club Racer Inspired Honda S2000 CR Prototype to Debut at New York International Auto Show

Honda debuting S2000 Club Racer prototype

Honda has issued a short but very sweet press release this afternoon (check it after the jump) informing us that a "club-racer-inspired" version of the S2000 will debut at the 2007 New York Auto Show in a few weeks. Referred to as "aggressively-tuned", the CR-spec S2000 will be an available trim level on the S2000 beginning this fall. This all begs the question, how long is the S2000 for this corporeal world? Rumors still abound a replacement is being readied by Honda that may deviate sharply from the S2000's steadfast formula of being a high-strung, two-seat sports convertible. Unfortunately Honda didn't release an image, teaser pic or even rendering of the S2000 CR-spec, so just imagine this garden variety 2007 model as "aggressively-tuned".

Club Racer-Inspired Honda S2000 CR Prototype to Debut at New York International Auto Show

03/13/2007 - TORRANCE, Calif. -
A new club racer-inspired version of the Honda S2000 will take the legendary vehicle's track-worthy performance to an entirely new level when it makes its world debut at the New York International Auto Show on April 4, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today. Engineered around the expectations and needs of Honda performance enthusiasts, the S2000 CR will be available as a new trim level when the aggressively-tuned vehicle goes on sale in the fall of 2007.