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31 March 2007

some exy cars aston martin db9 and farrari 360 wow soo sexy pics

*hello i was in homebush this morning and saw these 2 parked in the carpark side by side so i took sum quick pics wit my fone...:p
*Yep, I had a purple F430 follow me home the other day from Freo to Cott. Beautiful cars, they sound so nice even when cruising.
*Love the aston that is the best angle to view it at heheh

BMW E36 equipped with a 2.0L VTEC engine from an S2000.

BMW E36 equipped with a 2.0L VTEC engine from an S2000.

Audi R8 TV Commercial

Audi R8 TV Commercial

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 RS, 2.0 litre 4WD turbo

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 RS, 2.0 litre 4WD turbo
5 speed
17,000 kms (one owner)
Black interior
Dual airbags
APR wide-body aerokit (worth over 1 million yen, approx. $10,600)
GReddy TD-06 turbine and boost-up kit (good for 420HP)
Upgraded CPU
Turbine extension
HKS metal catalyzer
Gravity Gull flame 18" alloy wheels
TOYOT Vimode 255 / 35 R18 tyres
GP sports G-Master height adjustable suspension
GP Sports performance ST mufflers, front pipes, exhaust manifold
TRUST intercooler
TRUST oil cooler
TRUST aluminium radiator
TRUST aircleaner
TRUST boost controller
TRUST E-manage
TRUST meters
TRUST tower bar
TRUST lower arm bar
GREX 6 pot and 4 pot brake callipers
RECARO SP-GII full bucket seat
SABELT 4-point racing harness
All power options and airconditioning

Condition notes: In show condition and as new apart from the modified parts.

29 March 2007

a bunch of great car clips

yellow supra on the dyno going

crazy ricer has an accident

hugues lowrider truck doing

drift 200sx turbo car going

miss auto salon all the hot

SS vs Rexy

300ZX vs honda NSX at the track


Ferrari F40 crusing in sydney

Massive Burnout 300zx

69 Camaro vs toyota Supra

two sexy girls at at auto show

BMW M Power M3 Donut burnout

mazda RX7 sick Drifting

How to draw a car in MS Paint crazy videos of these artists skill

MS Paint WRX this is crazy

How to draw a car in MS. Paint

How to draw a car in MS. Paint

27 March 2007

Check out the MY07 WRX here are a few exclusive pictures

Check out the MY07 WRX here are a few exclusive pictures

ANOTHER crashed Enzo ferrari Eddie Griffith just makes a small mistake

So rather than create ANOTHER crashed Enzo ferrari thread...

I initially saw this on the news. Eddie Griffith just makes a small mistake........who put this guy at the wheel!? Stick to acting my friend

26 March 2007

Perth Australia - Road Rules list very funny

1. Indicators will give away your next move. A real Perth driver never uses them.

2. Under no circumstances should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, or somebody else will fill in that space, putting you in an even more dangerous situation.

3. Crossing two or more lanes in a single lane change is considered "going with the flow."

4. The faster you drive through a red light, the less chance you have of getting hit.

5. Never get in the way of an older car that needs extensive repairs. The other guy doesn't have anything to lose.

6. Braking is to be done as hard and as late as possible to ensure that your ABS kicks in, giving a nice, relaxing foot massage as the brake pedal pulsates. For those of you without ABS, it's a chance to stretch your legs.

7. Speed limits are arbitrary figures, given only as suggestions and apparently not enforceable in the metro area during rush hour.

8. Please remember that there is no such thing as a shortcut during rush-hour traffic in Perth.

9. Always slow down and rubberneck when you see an accident or even someone changing a tyre.

10. Everybody thinks their vehicle is better than yours, especially 4WD drivers.

11. Learn to swerve abruptly. Perth is the home of High-Speed Slalom Driving thanks to Main Roads, which puts potholes in key locations to test drivers' reflexes and keep them on their toes, not forgetting the 'Test your skill' chicanes in suburbs.

12. It is traditional in Perth to honk your horn at cars that don't move the instant the light changes.

13. Seeking eye contact with another driver revokes your right of way.

14. Never take a green light at face value. Always look right and left before proceeding.

15. Remember that the goal of every Perth driver is to get there first, by whatever means necessary.

16. Real Perth women drivers can put on pantyhose and apply eye makeup at 75 kph in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

17. Real Perth men drivers can remove pantyhose and a bra at 95 kph in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

18. Heavy fog and rain are no reasons to change any of the previously listed rules. These weather conditions are God's way ensuring a natural selection process and creating a need for panel beaters, junkyards, and new vehicle sales. It is an acceptable practice to increase your speed in comparison to the rate of rain fall, i.e.: the harder it rains, the faster you go.

19. There is a commonly held belief in Perth that high-speed tailgating in heavy traffic reduces petrol consumption as you get sucked along in the slipstream of the car in front.

20. It's OK to cut off fully loaded semi-trailers, road trains and buses because, hell - they have brakes.

21. It is an essential duty of the driver to preserve the life of his passengers. Hence no matter how much of an inconvenience it may be, always find a detour around The Causeway, The Narrows, and Guildford.

22. Always anticipate oncoming traffic while driving down a one-way street.

23. Its O.K when driving in Northbridge to air your grievances at bad drivers by giving the "one finger salute" while screaming out "****". However, it is imperative you are driving at least a 5-litre V8 with a crow bar in your lap.

24. Perth drivers are experts at merging, when in two or more lanes travelling in the same direction, ensure that if you see someone politely indicating, waiting slowly trying to merge into your lane, show them that they must 'Wait their turn' to use your lane. Speed up, try to cut them off, should they succeed and get into your lane never mind that it was actually legal for them to do that, ensure that your flash your lights, honk your horn, use extreme hand gestures, even tailgate them, just to let them know, IT WAS YOUR LANE.

25. Ensure that when merging into traffic travelling at any more than 40kph that you stop in the merging lane, backing up traffic for miles behind you, ensuring that you have given yourself or no-one else that opportunity to merge. Again, forget that the traffic handbook states that you should speed up to meet traffic speed then merge. If you are travelling in a lane near a merge lane, don't change lanes to make it easy for them, instead see rule 24, after all they deserve it.

26. While using Perth roundabouts, particularly two lane roundabouts, ENSURE that you are in the left lane to turn right, or the right to turn left, hell lets keep those people in those other lanes on their toes.

27. If you are a TransPerth bus driver, you must win at all costs, getting to your destination prior to any other driver is life and death. Never worry about your passengers bouncing round in the back like tennis balls, hell it's a cheap form of theme park, in fact Perth's very own.

28. Perth taxis see rule 27, except you are now qualifying for the GMC 400.

29. Pedestrian crossings - What are they?

30. If you are a cyclist remember YOU ARE INVINCIBLE, you are stronger than ANY vehicle travelling at speed, MAKE SURE you take the whole lane for yourself, and at night NEVER use lights, remember They Will See You!

31. Remember, the wider, smoother, and safer the road... the lower the speed limit.

32. When driving on the freeway, find somebody who is going slow, drive next to them, so that nobody can pass you. It's called, speed prevention. It's your duty!

25 March 2007

Wife for sale - are you looking to buy a new wife, well here is a price list.

I have a STALKER A user on a car forum Im a member on tells about this girl who is a sex crazed stalker

here is he account on what has happened I have coppied and pasted eveyr thing here becuase you have to sign up to read these posts:

Post One -

At work for the past few days, I've recieved calls from some girl who has been asking questions like "Do you have a girlfriend" or things like that, or hangs up if someone except me answers the phone. It's been annoying but not that big a deal, we've just lauged about it in the office.

However, a letter marked "Private - For Ash Jenkinson Re: Employment" was left at the front desk yesterday. Naturally, my co-workers being the wonderful folk that they are, opened it and read what it said, then called me over to read it. And it said this:

Was I just offered money to sexually service her?! And what's the deal with her changing the amount of money that she was going to offer me? Was she counting her change or something and found some more behind the couch?

Now some people have said "What if she's really hot" but it definatly can't be that - if she was hot she'd not have any problem approaching me and saying hi in person. I mean shit, I'm hot as hell but I'm very approachable. I've a friendly smile, you see.

So I've got me a Vodafone Red Sim and $20 credit on it. I'm gonna acivate it now and then message this bitch - this could be interesting. Stay tuned for the outcome.

Also I'm a bit freaked out and scared

post 2


Sigghh, I bet she just called work and asked for it and someone gave it to her without thinking...


AND she said that "I see you every day"


I messaged back saying "I think you sent that to the wrong number, this is Trev"


Wait... the message come from some number that wasn't the one she gave me as being hers. I'm starting to wonder if this is all a joke.

post 3
Hahaha PHEW! That SMS was a false alarm. One of my mates that I'd told about the stalker sms'd me from his other mate's phone to freak me out, and his GF thought that was horrible and made him fess up.

So even tho that wasn't real, this stalker bitch still is. I think I might get wasted and call her tomorrow

Post 4

turns out that it wasn't a prank or anything, it really was some crazed bitch, who's called me and harrassed me and whatever since I last posted... argh I can't be arsed typing it all out right now, but promise I will within the next few days.

post 5
Mate I don't know what to say... I've now had countless letters and cards left for me, all of them asking for my body for money and other crazy things. One card even had 10 bucks in it - woohoo, paid for my parking at work for the day.

The letters have also steadily gotten more and more warped too. She has written things like "One positive thing I do is donate blood" in them, and actually makes constant reference to the fact that she gives blood. My mates reckon that's her way of trying to tell me that she doesn't have AIDS. Great, huh?

Shit guys, I dunno what to say... pretty much all of my friends, even those that though it was fcucking funny at the start have told me to go to the cops now, due to the constant phonecalls at work, letters etc. and how weird they are getting.

She has also been asking about my girlfriend when she calls and a few staff members from work have said that she has approached them and asked her about my girlfriend before, which makes me seriously concerned about the safety of my girlfriend. It might be nothing, but I'm scared that she'd hurt my girlfriend or something, this chick seems more than a bit unhinged, she wanted to know if my girlfriend worked with me, when she'd be in etc. Thankfully the other staff members have had the sense to tell her when she has approaced them and asked them these things that they are not allowed to discuss these things with members of the public. My girlfriend doesn't work with me, thankfully, but I still have a considerable concern for her safety...

Anyhow, if I get a minute, I'll scan up a few more of the letters to show ya what I mean about them getting more and more warped...

So yeah...

Note: I've fixed the dead pic link in the first post, so it's visable now.

post 6
Here's a couple more letters that I have next to me on my comp desk, so I scanned them in. The one where she says "this is the last time that I'll ask you"... there's been heaps more since that so it's not like it's over. Also, notice that she begun to write "I don't have..." then she scribbled it out - I suspect that was going to be that she didnt have any diseases, but then wrote the bit about blood instead at the bottom.

and another

post 8

1993 Honda Civic with s2000 engine yes fully fonctionnal with 6 speed tranny rear diff from the s2000 159.7db sound system aswell wow

complete sound system and when a say complete i mean complete!!!
8 diesel audio amplifiers that means one by sub + 2 for the voice
159.7db not bad
complete interior has been mold in fiber glass, dash is half from civic half from s2000 with the s2000 cluster

18 inch chrome wheel with pirelli tires, kyb agx suspension, skunk2 coilover and upper front table, oversize front disk with prelude galiper, custom cat back with titanium mufflers(2)

wide body kit custom made: front and rear fenders, body kit from ground design and custom paint from House of colors

rwdcivic's 1993 Honda Civic Picture 1
s2000 engine, yes yes fully fonctionnal with 6 speed tranny rear diff from the s2000. Took me 2 years to finish the project, mainly because of the 1000 pounds of sound system. Done a run at 14.2 on the quarter mile but it doesn't mater, it's just fun doing donuts with a civic!

rwdcivic's 1993 Honda Civic Picture 10
valve covers, polished head, shaved with port polish, custom header. The block is powder coated red metalic

this is me at darknight, winner of best civic 3 years in a row not so bad :)

24 March 2007

The sickest wheelstand ever

Check this shiznit out lads. It's staunch.

Trick and Manswetto doing what they do best!

View it, live it, love it.

21 March 2007

VTEC Just kicked in y0 pictures.

some of the best "VTEC Just kicked in yo" pictures.

20 March 2007

Porsche Dealership - Buy One Get One Free deal

Glen Fergusson - Sales and Marketing manager for a brand new Californian Porsche dealer. Has lost his job and faces possible legal proceedings as the company strives to reclaim the costs of the 18 Porches given away free under Glen's Opening day "buy one get one free promotion" "I admit I didn't really do the numbers properly on this one" said Glen who told reporters that he had "seen the concept work really well for coffee stores" and in terms of numbers you could argue that Glen's campaign worked. As the new Porsche dealer sold 18 Porches in the first hour of the store opening.

It took the head office a full hour to realise what was going on and subsequently shut the store.

Local man Bruce Stepper took out a second mortgage on his home after getting a promotional flyer in his mailbox. "I am ecstatic - I brought a shiny red Porsche today, got another one free and I have sold just sold it on EBay, all up I end up getting a Porsche 911 for $5000"

Jane Cameron was arguably even more entrepreneurial. The local Janitor purchased a Porsche using the dealers "no deposit finance plan for low income earners", sold both cars, paid off the finance account and walked away with $120,000 profit. The finance plan was another one of Glen's initiatives that has now been cancelled.

A red faced Glen stated "I have never really been too good at Math and I was sure the whole time we were making money - I was initially blown away by the amount of cars we were selling in that first hour. I had seen the "buy one get one free card" work extremely well for the new coffee shop down the road and thought what a great idea I will try it here."

National spokesman for the dealership chain was quoted as saying "We are just glad that the idiot didn’t have time to run with his 'test drive 5 cars, get one free loyalty stamp card' campaign.

18 March 2007

Scott Storch shows of his car collection WOW

check out some of the cars this guy owns, very nice

14 Famous quotes from Soichiro Honda

Famous quotes from Soichiro Honda
Thought I'd share some of the famous quotes from the father of Honda, Soichiro Honda.

* Success is 99% failure.

* We only have one future, and it will be made of our dreams, if we have the courage to challenge convention.

* Real happiness lies in the completion of work using your own brains and skills.

* Racing improves the breed.

* What we learn through failure becomes a precious part of us, strengthening us in everything we do. So let the tough things make you tougher.

* We will not be content with this victory alone [first win in F1]. We will study why we won and aggressively apply those winning technologies to new cars.

* Enjoying your work is essential. If your work becomes an expression of your own ideas, you will surely enjoy it.

* After materials are carried into the factory, nothing but products should be carried out from it.

* If Honda does not race there is no Honda.”

* Since I was a small child, one of my dreams has been to compete in motor vehicle races all over the world with a vehicle of my own making, and to win.

* Because the water raises rice and the fishes live in the water, I don’t want to contaminate it.

* Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure.
o Possibly from an Economist article

* The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred.

16 March 2007

Detailing and car care 101

Ok i thought it was time some one did this correctly,

This write up will cover the exterior of your car, the next one will be the interior.

I have not put extensive detail into this as i didnt think it was required, if any one has any questions please ask. If anyone is not clear on somthing or wants to know y i do a certin thing or use a certin product please jst ask.

1. washing your car.

I have some simple rules here firstly never wash hot body work, never wash in the sun, never use wash bays,and if you use a bug remover you need to re wax that panel as it will remove the wax, ONLY use dishwashing liquid if you intend to do the detailing part of this write up.

Of you use glass polish do this befor the wash.

Firstly ill cover why you should not use wsah bays.
1 - you paint work will be hot.
2 - the chemicals used at these places will strip any wax on your car.
3 - the brushes there are extreamly dirty and will scratch your car.

now when you wash your car use a good quality wash not some wash n wax crap. follow these steps for washing.

1 - fill a large bucket with water and car wash. ( the deeper the bucket the better, any dirt particals will fall to the bottom and you dont want to run these over your unprotected paint)

2 - rinse off excess dirt

3 - wash the car from top to bottom and rinse as you go (use a sponge with large holes to pick up more dirt)

4 - use a different sponge for wheels and inside the guards (you will pick up nasty crap from these areas and you dont want them on your paint work)

5 - rinse car completly

Now if your car is well waxed you can let it air dry, also if its well waxed you can skip the next few sections. if not use a chamois to dry you car.


now were onto the hard work, the detailing of the paint. you will need the following products.
A paint cleaner
B scratch remover
C polish
D wax

use a terrytowl cloth and a micro fiber cloth, you will need a few and ensure you car is COMPLETLY dry other wise it will be a major pain in the ass

Apply all the above products using the method below.

I use a random orbital buffer but you can do it by hand, mind you its more work and the finish is not AS good but it will protect your paint.

Mask up all the black plastic and rubber, if you dont do this you will end up with a faded white mark on them from the cleaning products.
1. apply the product to one panel at a time, ensure the panel is cool and in the shade ( if your doing it by hand apply with horziontal lines not circles, if you doing this by hand apply with a application pad or a terrytowl cloth)

2. allow the product to dry usually to a haze (do not allow them to completely dry as they will stick to non protected paint)

3. remove product (use vertical lines this time, use a terrytowl cloth)

4. buff the remainding product off (use a micro fiber cloth)

Use a different cloth for EACH product as they have different propertys.

Ok so you paint is all protected now, you have a few options now for your next wash, these are, use a bucket and water or a waterless car wash.
I use both, usually i use a bucket and water, then let my car air dry and remove any watermarks with the waterless car wash or quick detailer.

also use the waterless carwash for the door jambs, boot jambs and hood jambs. Most of these products can be used on glass to.


Treat painted wheels like your paint work this is very important, they are jst as likely to scratch as your paint well, alloys and chrome i use chrome polish on. the same goes for the exhaust, i also found 'so easy" the best tyre shine on the market.

Black plastic and rubbers.

Belive it or not i use a non secented fish oil on these items, you can use the run of the mill plastic care stuff but i find fish oil is much better.

Products i use

Autoglym is by far one of the best,
So easy tyre shine is great
sonax glass polish
miguares (spelling) cut, scratch remover, polish and wax (the pro. series stuff tho and you will need a buffer for them)

I know this was breif and quick but there is seriously not much else to it. as long as you keep you car waxed with the correct prep, less things will stick to your paint, less scratching will happen and it will look sexy :)

thanks ppl ill be writing the next one soon

15 March 2007

1997 Honda Civic Skyline GTR - a 97 civic completely coverted into a skyline GTR

1997 Honda Civic - Skyline GTR

Here it is up for sale a 97 civic completely coverted into a skyline GTR this is as close to a skyline that your gonna get, without paying 80,000 for one. It has a fully custom molded real skyline kit, the trunk is off a skyline, everything is off the skyline, fully custom interior that was just done which cost me $6500 , it has leather, suede, carbon fiber, fully custom two tone paint cost $6000, fully custom air bag set up, flame thrower kit, hid conversion custom C skyline headlights, taillights, nothing was spared on the car has loads more too many to list. The reserve is low and any reasonable offers will be considered, car runs and drives with no problems. Don't be afraid to make an offer or call me with any questions.

I'm a working men so please only serious bidders call!!!!! 727-422-1258

a massive enzo crash black enzo and billionaire car cut in half

this is crazy another ussian billion aire with too much money!

12 March 2007

Turbo HONDA S2000 s2k

Turbo HONDA S2000 s2k

project car.

runs AEM ecu
GT3037 turbo w/ external gate & screamer
Walbro fuel pump
G4 coilovers
FMIC with custom piping
Blitz BOV
550cc RC injectors
Malpassi fuel Reg
Carbon fibre bonnet
Enkei 19inch rims
Custom exhaust w/ twin cannon
3 bar map sensor

11 March 2007

Shifting Technique a great article

I regularly get friends asking me to take them out for a few hours driver training, so they can improve their skills and tell their mates they've been taught "by a proper Police Instructor".

If I get a full day with someone, I can give them a little taster of most aspects of advanced driving. A sort of Chinese buffet, starting with the basics of smooth car control, moving on to improving observations and planning, and then, if I've got some confidence with their ability, doing some higher speed cornering and overtaking. There's no way I could get anywhere near teaching someone everything they'd learn on a full course, but they get a small sample of most aspects, and I've never had anyone who doesn't think they've improved at the end.

Occasionally though, time will be limited, and someone will ask me to take them out "just for an hour or so" and teach them something.

So I always teach them something with which they'll feel a difference immediately, and which they'll go away and practice. It's also something that their regular passengers will notice immediately (a number of wives have already thanked me ) and it's something they can show off to their mates if they are so inclined.

I teach them to change gear.

"Teach them to change gear Reg? Don't be daft - everyone knows how to change ruddy gear. Except for the Americans and they're too fat to use a proper gearstick."

Well, most people do know how to change gear in a manual car, and some people know how to change gear smoothly, but I can teach people to change gear so smoothly they can out-smooth Sean Connery (before he lost his hair and starred in Highlander).

It's a well established fact that you should operate a cars controls smoothly, but why? What difference does it make? To be honest, it doesn't make a great deal of difference at lower speeds - my mum is rougher with the gearstick than Big Daddy used to be with Kendo Nagasaki, but she only trundles round at town speeds, so it's never caused her a problem. The point at which smooth car control does start to matter is when the speed increases. When a car is travelling at high speed, the potential weight transfer either under heavy braking, hard acceleration, or high-G cornering is very high, and it's this transfer of weight across the car which can seriously unsettle it if it's not done smoothly. Changing gear is one way of transferring the vehicles weight backwards and forwards, and so, if you can do it as smoothly as possible, the weight balance of the car moves around in a more stable manner, and your progress will be safer. Plus, your passengers will appreciate it too.

So, what's the secret? Well, it's not one thing, but, as with most things in driving, it's a series of actions which must be coordinated and timed to perfection in order to get it right. I've seen grown men - some of them high ranking Police and Army officers, congratulating themselves, and feeling chuffed to pieces at getting one gearchange correct. Remember, these are people who make life-or-death decisions, and they were impressed enough with their own improvement in a basic driving skill, to say "let's do it again" with a big grin on their faces.

In true driving school style, I'll split the subject into two sections. Predictably enough, they are...

1. Changing up through the box.

2. Changing down through the box.

But before I move on to the more advanced sections 1 and 2, lets start with how you move the gearstick.

Most people simply change from the gear that they are in, to the gear they want to be in. But in reality, it's slightly more complex. What you're doing is taking the car out of the gear it's in, putting it into neutral, taking it out of neutral and then putting it into the next gear. I know they sound the same, but there's a very subtle difference, and if you can get into the habit of pausing for about 1/2 a second whilst in the neutral phase, you will give yourself enough time to operate the most important pedal for smooth gearchanges - the accelerator.

Oh, and a quick note on holding the gearstick. Police driving schools teach the "thumb up and thumb down" method and I quite like it, as it encourages you to place sideways pressure in the correct direction, and helps to avoid selecting the wrong gear. Basically, hold the gearstick with the palm of your hand, and if you're selecting first or second, point your thumb down. If you're selecting third, fourth or fifth (or sixth!), point your thumb upwards. If you place the pressure on the gearstick with your palm, you'll always move the gearstick in the right direction.

Most gearboxes are sprung so that the stick "rests" in neutral between third and fourth gears, so sideways pressure is only ever needed when selecting first, second and fifth (and sixth) gears. Changes to third and fourth just involve a movement either straight forward, or straight back from the neutral plane.

Right - back to 1 and 2.

In explaining how to change up through the 'box, I'm going to assume that you'll move the gearstick correctly, as described above - most importantly, including that essential pause in the neutral phase.

The most important aspect of changing up correctly is what you do with the accelerator pedal. A lot of drivers will press the clutch and completely release the accelerator pedal whilst they change gear. They will then release the clutch prior to re-applying the accelerator. This technique will usually result in the car jerking forward when the clutch is released because the engine speed doesn't match the road speed for that gear. This jerk is more pronounced in lower gears than it is in higher gears.

The way to avoid this jerk is to release pressure on the accelerator before and during the gearchange, but not to release it completely. I'll talk you through it.

Lets assume we're about to change up from 2nd to 3rd in an average car, at about 40MPH. In this imaginary average car, the engine will be doing 5000RPM at 40MPH in 2nd gear, and 3000RPM at the same speed in 3rd.

Before you start to change gear, ease off the accelerator slightly so the rate of acceleration slows. Then press the clutch and change gear as described previously. Whilst you're changing gear, ease the accelerator back until the revs have dropped from 5000 to 3000, and then hold the revs there whilst you release the clutch. Once you've released it, squeeze the accelerator, and continue accelerating. Allowing the revs to drop correctly will remove that jerkiness from the up-change, and you'll notice the difference immediately.

Changing down is very similar, but the process involves raising, rather than lowering the revs. Racing and competition drivers "blip" the throttle on down-changes to match engine speed to road speed, but I'm talking about road driving, which is slightly different. A blip is only suited to very fast gearchanges, which aren't necessary on the road, so in advanced road driving, the revs are raised during the downchange, and not blipped.

As you're changing gear, squeeze the accelerator gently to raise the revs from 3000 to 5000, release the clutch, and then continue accelerating.

It's taken me ages to explain something which can be done in around a second, and it's far easier to teach by demonstration and then trial and error, than it is to write it out, but I think that's my best explanation.

Have a go tomorrow when you get a chance. Don't just change from 2nd to 3rd - I always get students to drive along a straight piece of road at 50MPH, and change randomly through the 'box, without losing road speed. the gearchange will always be heard, but the point is that it shouldn't be felt.

Then, when you've practiced for a bit, see if anyone notices.

10 March 2007

MECHANIC Chris Donald loves his work he has sex with CARS.

MECHANIC Chris Donald loves his work — he has sex with CARS.

And he admitted last night: “Some men like boobs and bums, but I much prefer curvy bodywork.”

Chris, 38, has a recognised psychological condition that makes him physically attracted to motors.

He has had sex with more than 30 different models in 20 years — plus two motorboats and a pal’s JETSKI.

Chris, who DOES have a girlfriend, confessed: “A nice car for me is a feast for the senses. It’s about smells, feelings and tastes. If I see a gorgeous Mercedes I know I’d love to jump into bed with it.”

His weird obsession mirrors that of electrician Karl Watkins, who The Sun revealed was jailed for having sex with pavements in Redditch, Worcs, in 1993.

Chris has his own website devoted to his bizarre fetish — and claims there are 500 other cranks like him, including women.

But unlike doggers who have sex with strangers in chilly car parks, the motor engineer uses a heated and carpeted double garage at his home for the strange liaisons.

He has met more than 20 people online who have driven their cars over for a service.

Most like to video Chris exhausting himself — while they are pleasuring THEMSELVES.

Chris said: “It’s all about imagination and creativity. There’s more to car love than exhaust pipes. Stroking the body panels and delicate touching makes excellent foreplay.”

And he bragged: “I did have the exhausts custom made for one car because they were too small. I had them widened and rounded.

“The firm never asked why — but I loved the view while she was up on the ramp and they were working on her. I love all aspects of cars. Some people even like to taste mechanical fluids, but that’s going too far.”

Chris, who lives in the West Country, has made love to top motors including a Bentley Arnage, Porsche and Jaguar XK8.

He has also owned a string of cars that have been the object of his affections — with the latest a black 2.5litre Jaguar X-Type with cream leather upholstery.

Chris writes stories about “auto-eroticism” on his website and has penned a manual called How To Make Love To A Car.

Experts believe his fetish is the result of a condition called paraphilia, meaning unusual sexual behaviour. They also believe it stemmed from childhood incidents.

Chris said:
At a young age I’d had a girlfriend or two and as I got older had plenty of other varied partners — cars just happened to be there for me too.

I became really interested in them at 17 when I had the first one I really loved, a blue Peugeot 205 that I called Laura.

Then there was Lydia, a BMW 735i that was tuned and lowered. She was special.

Car lovers vary — a few like to remain faithful to one car all their life, others like to play the car park. Now I don’t get as emotionally attached to individual cars as I used to. They are not a substitute for humans. The truth is the opposite.

To be fascinated with any subject you have to be passionate and I love dealing with real people.

I’ve been honest about my fetish with my partners — male and female — and only one girl was jealous. I’m currently in a long-term relationship and I couldn’t be happier.

Chris believes one spark for his fetish was 1980s cult TV series Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhof and featuring a talking car.
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He said: “When I was a young boy I used to see human qualities in cars. As I grew up I noticed I was having feelings towards cars and they began catching my eye in a certain way.”

Chris saw a psychiatrist when he was 17 and says he was told his fetish was nothing to worry about.

Another expert, forensic psychologist Dr Keith Ashcroft — who specialises in human sexual behaviour — said yesterday: “This is a very unusual condition.

“But if you consider how cars are sexualised in modern advertising it is perhaps not a surprise.

“Within the broad range of sexual activity it is at the extreme edge, but it is not something for which he requires treatment.”


08 March 2007

BMW E92 M3 concept, Audi A5 pictures and information

In an ambitious plan spanning two continents and nine time zones, Audi will take the wraps of what drive.com.au understands will be the sporty 'S5' version of the A5 Coupe just minutes after the world's media sees it half a world away.

The A5 reveal happens at 8am Tuesday, March 6 in Geneva (6pm Tuesday Melbourne time). The S5 will be uncovered at the Melbourne exhibition centre exactly 30 minutes later, at 6.30pm.

The reveal of Audi's stunning S5, powered by a 4.2-litre FSI V8 engine, marks the end of an ambitious and aggressive Melbourne motor show rollout which saw the debut of four new models.

In addition to the S5, Australia got their first chance to see the S3 hot hatch, TT Roadster and Allroad wagon.

Photos of the A5 and S5 coupe were leaked in late February, as was much of the information surrounding the all-new pair.

Aimed squarely at the BMW 3 Series coupe and the Mercedes-Benz CLK coupe, the A5 is the first car to be developed on Audi's new platform, which will eventually spawn many new models including the next-generation A4 and a Q5 4WD.

Former Audi and now Volkswagen Group chief designer Walter de Silva has been quoted as saying the A5 is the most beautiful car he has ever styled. That's significant considering his resume includes such beauties as Alfa's elegant 156.

Audi's simultaneous reveal of the A5/S5 at Geneva and Melbourne doesn't trump Ford and Peugeot. The former debuted the Mondeo and the latter the 207 CC and GTi at Melbourne ahead of Geneva.

While Audi will show the S5 in Melbourne, it will launch the car for sale at the Sydney motor show later in the year. Audi Australia managing director Joerg Hofmann confirmed the first model to go on-sale would be the V8-powered S5 sporting flagship.

"We want to get the S5 on-sale before the end of the year, maybe the final quarter," he said.

"The A5 is a very important car for us. Previously we have the TT and now the R8. But we have not had a mid-sized sports car. Finally we are able to close that gap with a design that I think is one of the best you will ever see."

He estimates Audi could sell 800 A5s in Australia in a full year when the range is fleshed out. It is another step in the company's mid-term goal of 10,000 sales per annum.

The A5's dimensions sit between the current A4 and A6 models, with its 4630mm body 44mm longer and 286mm shorter than the mid-size and large-size Audis respectively.

Audi claims its new coupe is a genuine four-seater, and the A5 sits on an all-new platform. Engines will include two all-new petrol engines, a 3.2-litre V6 FSI petrol engine (195kW) and a 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbo (125kW).

There will also be a revised version of the company's 3.0-litre TDI (up 5kW to 176) plus a 2.7-litre V6 TDI (140kW). The 1.8 turbo and 2.7 TDI A5s will be front-drive: the 3.0 TDI and 3.2 FSI versions employ Audi's quattro all-wheel-drive system.

This is it, the new King of the Road. BMW last night unveiled this "concept" car at the Geneva Motor Show, but any revhead who knows how to spell "benchmark" will recognise it as the next M3. There are likely to be few, if any, differences between this show model and the E92 M3, which has been in gestation for some time.

We already know the basics. The E92 will break with tradition and move away from the tried and true straight-six engine layout and adopt a V8. The race to 300 kilowatts and beyond among the European prestige car makers has seen all the main contenders offer an eight-cylinder engine.

No details about the new BMW engine are available, apart from the fact that it will be "high-revving", but there are some guidelines. The 335i 3-Series coupe features a twin-turbocharged straight-six that makes 225 kW and 400 Nm, sufficient to push the 335i's acceleration close to the current 252 kW M3.

The V8 will need extra urge if it is to maintain a decent performance edge over its sibling, so 300 kW is considered a starting point.

BMW has taken its time to perfect the E92 and the opposition has not been standing still. Audi's RS4 has astonishing V8 performance, Mercedes-Benz is preparing a 6.2-litre C-Class and Lexus is about to transform its one sports sedan, the IS250, with a 5.0-litre V8.

The E92 will have to hit 100 km/h in five seconds to be taken seriously in this company. That's supercar performance previously only found in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

While it has always been hard to hide the giant rubber that glues M3s to the road, BMW has tried to exercise restraint when it comes to exterior adornment in the past. But the V8 engine needs so much air that BMW has had to enlarge both the front air intakes and also cut holes in the bonnet.

Now made of aluminium, the bonnet features a "powerdome" between two air outlets. These augment the now-traditional gills on the front mudguards that distinguish all Ms.

The coupe's other lid, the roof, has come in for weight-saving treatment, although this time BMW chose the more technically challenging idea of inserting a plastic roof with carbon-fibre reinforcing, as it does on the M6 Coupe. The unpainted roof is said to lower the car's centre of gravity and its overall weight, the enemy of acceleration.

The only panels shared with the 3 Series coupe donor vehicle are the doors and the bootlid.

"The concept revealed at the Geneva Motor Show is more than a hint of what we can expect to be driving soon," said Guenther Seemann, BMW Australia's managing director.

sourced from drive information.