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25 June 2008

Honda NSX

Honda NSX
Supersportler aus Japan: Der Honda NSX soll rund 500 PS aus seinem V10 mobilisieren.
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20 June 2008

Nissan FR sports car

the new Nissan FR sports car

leaked from Nissan GT 2012 (Growth & Trust) long term business plan, looks like 206/old Camry lights, Hyundai Tiburon rear.

Nissian is doing good, competitors must follow, not that Honda should make more FR, well, it is a good thing, but bring back more Type R's rather than discontinuing them...

17 June 2008

Honda makes first hydrogen cars

Japanese car manufacturer Honda has begun the first commercial production of a zero-emission, hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle.

The four-seater, called FCX Clarity, runs on electricity produced by hydrogen, and emits water vapour.

Honda claims the vehicle offers three times better fuel efficiency than a traditional, petrol-powered car.

Honda plans to produce 200 of the cars, which are initially available only to lease, over the next three years.

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of wider adoption of fuel-cell vehicles is the lack of hydrogen fuelling stations.

This is an important day in the history of fuel-cell vehicle technology
John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda

Critics also point out that hydrogen is costly to produce and the most common way to produce hydrogen is still from fossil fuels.

Analysis of the environmental impact of different fuel technologies has shown that the overall carbon dioxide emissions from hydrogen powered cars can be higher than that from petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.

'Monumental step'

The first five customers are all based in southern California because of the proximity of hydrogen fuelling stations, Honda said.

US actress Jamie Lee Curtis will be among the first to take delivery of the vehicle, the firm added.

The car will initially be available for lease in California starting in July, and then in Japan later this year.

It is being built on the world's first dedicated production line for fuel-cell vehicles in Japan.

"This is an important day in the history of fuel-cell vehicle technology and a monumental step closer to the day when fuel-cell cars will be part of the mainstream," said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda.

How the technology works

Honda says it expects to lease a few dozen units in the US and Japan in 2008, and about 200 units within three years.

It said the cost of the car, on a three-year lease, would be $600 (£300) a month.

The FCX Clarity is based on Honda's first-generation hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, the FCX concept car. Honda delivered around 34 of these cars, mainly in the US, of which 10 remain in use.

Booming demand

Many car makers are developing cleaner, more economical vehicles because of high fuel prices and as consumers become more concerned with the environment.

Toyota said it was struggling to keep up with booming demand for its hybrid vehicles because it was unable to make enough batteries.

Hybrid vehicles, such as Toyota's top-selling Prius, switch between a petrol engine and electric motor.

Toyota Motor Corp's executive vice president, Takeshi Uchiyamada, told the Associated Press that new battery production lines could not be added until next year.

"Hybrids are selling so well we are doing all we can to increase production," he said. "We need new lines."

Volkswagen, Europe's biggest car maker said on Monday it wanted to produce a Golf which consumed three to four litres of petrol per 100 kilometres compared with 4.3 litres currently for the most fuel-efficient model.

"In the next few years, we are not going to do without petrol and diesel motors, but the future belongs to the electric car," VW chairman Martin Winterkorn told German newspaper Bild-Zeitung.

Graphic of proton exchange technology
1 Hydrogen: Constantly pumped in at negative terminal
2 Oxygen: Pumped in at opposite positive terminal
3 Catalyst: Helps electrons break free from hydrogen atoms
4 Membrane: Allows hydrogen ions through but blocks electrons
5 Circuit: Electrons flow through circuit to positive terminal
6 Electrons and hydrogen ions combine with oxygen, forming water

New NSX will be faster than GT-R

Orders from Honda's CEO to Honda R & D, "make the new NSX faster around the Nordschleife than the Nissan GT-R".


NÜRBURG, Germany — The latest prototype of the 2011 Acura NSX has hit the Nürburgring, and according to our sources in Japan, it has a very specific goal. We're told that Takeo ***ui, CEO of Honda, has tasked his R&D team with building an NSX that's faster around the Nürburgring than both the Nissan GT-R and the upcoming Lexus LF-A.

It's a tall order, and one that Honda hopes it can achieve through the use of a 5.5-liter V10 expected to make 550 horses, with a torque peak expected to top 420 pound-feet. The engine is essentially a slightly larger version of the V8 that Honda will use for the next-generation, rear-wheel-drive RL sedan, and it will use cylinder deactivation under light loads for maximum efficiency. Additional gains will come from the use of an eight-speed, paddle-shifted automatic.

Getting the power to the ground will be a modified version of Honda's Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) system. Packaging could be tight, however, as this NSX will place its V10 up front. A combination of steel and aluminum will be used for the chassis that will form the basis of this 2+2 sports car.

What this means to you: The Acura NSX is less than two years away, and it's aiming to reclaim its title as Japan's ultimate supercar. — Ed Hellwig, Lead Senior Editor

12 June 2008

Melb: Bars/Clubs exempt from the 2am lockout

Q Bar
Colonial Hotel
Blue Bar
The Gin Place
Colonial Hotel
Court Jester Hotel
Production 75 Holdings
Cherry Bar
Patty Malone Bar
Heavenly Pier
Little Lygon Bar & Grill
Damion De Silva
Noble Management
The Long Room
Event Coordinators P/L
The Saint Hotel
Cushion Lounge
La La Land
The Peel
Centrefold Lounge
The Men's Gallery
The Tunnel
Negroni Bar & Grill
Mark Sleigh Base Backpackers - St Kilda
The Welcome Stranger
Bar 20