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12 February 2007

Last Laugh: Hammond risks life again

After nearly dying in a rocket car crash last September, Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond has risked his life yet again.

This time, he and his colleagues Jeremy Clarkson and James May drove through Alabama in the US. Not all that dangerous in itself, but the hosts "decorated" each others cars with slogans before heading deep into redneck territory.

Hammond's pickup featured the words "Man Love Rules OK" emblazoned in bright pink lettering across the side of the vehicle.

When the boys stopped for petrol, things started to turn ugly. The official site has a rather sketchy description of what happened.

But, of course, someone has put the segment up on You Tube.

I'm not sure how much danger the team was actually in (perhaps the whole "we had to switch the cameras off due to threats" thing was staged), but the woman at the petrol station certainly seemed unhappy. They say their cars were getting pelted with rocks, but there's no footage. Perhaps I'm just overly cynical after last week's web hoax bonanza.

After this experience, perhaps Hammond will be begging to get back behind the wheel of a rocket car.

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