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04 March 2007

One of the first Bugatti Veyron crash, wreck, write off

We’ve had plenty of smashed Ferrari Enzos but this is the first on records people have come across images of a wrecked Bugatti Veyron. It’s thought that a pool of water on the road caused the supercar to lose traction and then spin out of control, sending it head first into a ditch. Most of the cabin section and engine compartment look relatively un harmed, however, it’s hard to determine what internal damage to the front end there is if any.
This is the first time a private customer has actually crashed a Veyron. Engineers reportedly wrecked two prototype examples during testing, which was part of the reason for the long delays during the vehicle’s development.

source: motorauthority.com

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Emoporer said...

OUCH! There goes a million bucks or more!! Hmm, but i guess more crashes should be expected in the future. We can't have Veyrons traveling at safe speeds, can we? LOL!