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25 March 2007

I have a STALKER A user on a car forum Im a member on tells about this girl who is a sex crazed stalker

here is he account on what has happened I have coppied and pasted eveyr thing here becuase you have to sign up to read these posts:

Post One -

At work for the past few days, I've recieved calls from some girl who has been asking questions like "Do you have a girlfriend" or things like that, or hangs up if someone except me answers the phone. It's been annoying but not that big a deal, we've just lauged about it in the office.

However, a letter marked "Private - For Ash Jenkinson Re: Employment" was left at the front desk yesterday. Naturally, my co-workers being the wonderful folk that they are, opened it and read what it said, then called me over to read it. And it said this:

Was I just offered money to sexually service her?! And what's the deal with her changing the amount of money that she was going to offer me? Was she counting her change or something and found some more behind the couch?

Now some people have said "What if she's really hot" but it definatly can't be that - if she was hot she'd not have any problem approaching me and saying hi in person. I mean shit, I'm hot as hell but I'm very approachable. I've a friendly smile, you see.

So I've got me a Vodafone Red Sim and $20 credit on it. I'm gonna acivate it now and then message this bitch - this could be interesting. Stay tuned for the outcome.

Also I'm a bit freaked out and scared

post 2


Sigghh, I bet she just called work and asked for it and someone gave it to her without thinking...


AND she said that "I see you every day"


I messaged back saying "I think you sent that to the wrong number, this is Trev"


Wait... the message come from some number that wasn't the one she gave me as being hers. I'm starting to wonder if this is all a joke.

post 3
Hahaha PHEW! That SMS was a false alarm. One of my mates that I'd told about the stalker sms'd me from his other mate's phone to freak me out, and his GF thought that was horrible and made him fess up.

So even tho that wasn't real, this stalker bitch still is. I think I might get wasted and call her tomorrow

Post 4

turns out that it wasn't a prank or anything, it really was some crazed bitch, who's called me and harrassed me and whatever since I last posted... argh I can't be arsed typing it all out right now, but promise I will within the next few days.

post 5
Mate I don't know what to say... I've now had countless letters and cards left for me, all of them asking for my body for money and other crazy things. One card even had 10 bucks in it - woohoo, paid for my parking at work for the day.

The letters have also steadily gotten more and more warped too. She has written things like "One positive thing I do is donate blood" in them, and actually makes constant reference to the fact that she gives blood. My mates reckon that's her way of trying to tell me that she doesn't have AIDS. Great, huh?

Shit guys, I dunno what to say... pretty much all of my friends, even those that though it was fcucking funny at the start have told me to go to the cops now, due to the constant phonecalls at work, letters etc. and how weird they are getting.

She has also been asking about my girlfriend when she calls and a few staff members from work have said that she has approached them and asked her about my girlfriend before, which makes me seriously concerned about the safety of my girlfriend. It might be nothing, but I'm scared that she'd hurt my girlfriend or something, this chick seems more than a bit unhinged, she wanted to know if my girlfriend worked with me, when she'd be in etc. Thankfully the other staff members have had the sense to tell her when she has approaced them and asked them these things that they are not allowed to discuss these things with members of the public. My girlfriend doesn't work with me, thankfully, but I still have a considerable concern for her safety...

Anyhow, if I get a minute, I'll scan up a few more of the letters to show ya what I mean about them getting more and more warped...

So yeah...

Note: I've fixed the dead pic link in the first post, so it's visable now.

post 6
Here's a couple more letters that I have next to me on my comp desk, so I scanned them in. The one where she says "this is the last time that I'll ask you"... there's been heaps more since that so it's not like it's over. Also, notice that she begun to write "I don't have..." then she scribbled it out - I suspect that was going to be that she didnt have any diseases, but then wrote the bit about blood instead at the bottom.

and another

post 8

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