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02 March 2007

For Sale signs on cars = a street code for drag-racing

For Sale signs on cars = a street code for drag-racing
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HOONS and drag-racers will be stopped in their tracks with the introduction of new wheel clamping laws and on-the-spot licence penalties.

Speaking from the Hunter Valley, NSW Premier Morris Iemma yesterday said his government was “clamping down” on anti-social street behaviour - and warned his anti-crime radar wasn’t restricted to drivers.

If re-elected, the Iemma Government will also look to outlaw “for sale” advertising on cars, toughen anti-graffiti laws and trial new court orders restricting the behaviour and movements of juvenile offenders.

His clampdown was announced just hours after idiots on quad bikes mowed down a teenaged girl, leaving her seriously injured - then sped off without stopping. Read more here.

We asked to know how hoons plague your neighbourhood and what you think of this plan - scores of you responded via the feedback form below.

Surrounded by impounded vehicles at a police holding yard in Newcastle, Mr Iemma said his new wheel-clamping laws would take the fight against car hoons to a new level.

“This will literally stop car hoons in their tracks," Mr Iemma said.

“There’s nothing more annoying for local communities than having super-powered cars with booming sound systems racing down local streets at all hours of the night.”

In addition, Mr Iemma said he would investigate outlawing the practice of “for sale” signs on vehicles, for fear it was street code for drag-racing.

Anecdotal evidence linked for sale advertising on cars with those involved in drag racing, and Mr Iemma said this would be investigated further with the possibility of banning the advertising.

Under the new laws, police would have the power to clamp wheels in the driveway of the owner’s home, with the cost of transporting it to the house and the clamping at the owners expense.

A new initiative to toughen anti-graffiti laws and make parents accountable for their child’s behaviour, would protect hard working families of NSW, Mr Iemma said.

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