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09 September 2009

Bacterial Vaginosis Remedies and Natural Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis review is a great blog containing the best information on bacterial vaginosis remedies, bacterial vaginosis natural and bacterial vaginosis treatment.

Bacterial Vaginosis shortened to BV is an un-pleasant infection which occurs to many women resulting in a unpleasant fishy smell which no girl wants to have.

The best treatments and remedies for BV are natural, yet we advise you see your doctor before trying a natural BV cure. Adding a buffer to lower the pH level of the bacteria is an example to lower the rephrase of the infection. Eliminating the bacteria some natural products which can be used include tea tree oil products which are great a natural fixed to BV.

BV is today twice as common as thrush which affects many women and can affect a large percentage during some time in their life.

The disease is most common to happen to younger to middle ages women who wear thongs and also that wear g strings. Condoms can provide some effective protection.

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