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27 December 2007

NSX confirmed for 2010 release

NSX confirmed for 2010 release

Devotees of the late, great Acura NSX – and that's just about everybody, really – have been waiting patiently for the second coming that once reportedly based on the Advanced Sports Car Concept shown above, but Honda keeps on making us wait longer, Honda has revealed that the new NSX will make its debut in 2010. Sometime.

2nd gen Japanese supercar was anticipated for a launch this year at the Tokyo show, but we were disappointed when the Honda pavilion was absent of any such high-performance wizardry. Since the cancellation of the original NSX, TSX and Prelude, the aging S2000 roadster has been left all alone to defend Honda's honor on the sportscar front, while Nissan gets all the glory with the new GT-R.

The new timeline is a bit later than the 2008/2009 launch date that was originally set down by Honda CEO Takeo ***ui, but if it manages to live up to its predecessor, who recalls at this point how far behind schedule the Bugatti.

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