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27 September 2007

Mugen Civic RR all sold in 10mins

The limited edition Honda Civic Mugen RR turns out to be an instant hit. The car proved to be a hotcake; this limited edition broke all records and was sold out in 10 minutes.

With only three hundred units produced, the car went on sale on the 14th of September at 9:00 am and only after 10 minutes all of them had vanished for the reservations placed.

The car is based on the Honda Civic Type R. the limited edition version is 22 pounds heavier then the Honda civic type R and has an additional 15 horses under the hood taking its output level to a massive 240 horsepower. The car made it through Japan’s Tsukuba circuit in just 1:06:68.

Pricing for the limited edition is fixed at 4,777,500 yens or 38,750 dollars and it will reach its desperately waiting customers by January next year.

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