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29 January 2007

2008 Honda Accord concept

The Honda Accord will get a drastic new look when the all-new eighth-generation model debuts this fall, judging by the coupe concept unveiled at the auto show.

The coupe's long hood, fastback profile and deeply scalloped sides are all a radical departure from the styling theme that has defined the Accord for years.

The sporty look extends from the long hood to four exhaust pipes integrated into the rear diffuser.

"The Accord Coupe Concept demonstrates the styling direction for the upcoming, eighth-generation Accord," said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda.

That promises to make the 2008 Accord a dramatic and exciting upgrade for a car that had lost some of its edge as it climbed the sales charts.

The five-seat concept features a new version of Honda's V6 engine that boosts power and fuel efficiency.

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